Cancer - The silent killer

Hello again!
I bring unto you a bit of science again. Is cancer a silent killer? Yes, you might not feel any symtom whether you have it.
Cancer is the uncontrolled reproduction of cells however, It provokes angiogenesis, meaning that a silent mass of cells are forming anaerobically (with no oxygen) and even no vessels. This uncontrolled way of reproducing cells that after a while will start dying but continue on top of that creating more and more cells until you have that visible mass of tissue that is just occupying some space.
There are regulators of tumoral factors, like P53 (protein that interveen in the cellular reproduction and stops the cycle whether the cell is not suitable or have not follow the rules of mitosis)
Whether It is genetical or outer factors, this is a silent killer, because most of cases you won´t even know you have cancer until something else start failing in your body system.
For example; you start coughing blood, you cannot see, have terrible body pain anywhere, and how come that cancer is a silent disease but you feel pain?
The answer is that the mass of the cancer touch other body structures and then It makes it hurts, probibly there´s nothing wrong with that structure where you feel pain, but that mass is compressing it and therefore It hurts.
Do not panic! It does not mean that whether something hurts you or you are a bit dizzy you have cancer! Those where just mere examples. Generally, cancer is painless and unnoticed.
Best solution? I always recommend, do a general check every 6 moths or one year, even though you feel great!
Prevention is the best solution!
Kind regards!
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