I got a flu!

Oh, no again!
I got a flu! My physician recomended me paracetamol! What a frustration! I should stay home instead! :(
How many times have happenned that we feel terrible, whole body pain, headeaches, dizziness, fever, that we cannot even make a walk that everything hurts!
We call our company where we work at and expain them that you feel terrible and will go to the Doctor, they say okay.
You go to your family doctor and once he exameened you he got to the conclusion that you knew from the beggining, Sir; You have a flu, you have to rest, drink plenty of water and you the pains continue take "paracetamol" 500 mg
1 by 8hs.
And you star at him like... ¨what¨ am I not going to receive any medical treatment? Is it a joke? Everytime I come I just have paracetamol as prescription, this sucks!
Of course you say just, thanks doctor see you later (but in your mind you said so ;))
I will explain what happen here:
All infections by viruses have no cure, yes sir, ALL VIRAL INFECTIONS, HAVE NO CURE. Of course you can prevent them by vaccine however, I does not have 100% accurancy.
So, in the case of a flu your body need to rest to kombat the virus infection.
Your body feels tired out becouse is using all the energies to fight agaist the virus and it is draining your energy somehow.
The high tempeture is because it is a defense to kill the virus, yes high tempeture is not bad is your ally to kill the enemy.
Paracetamol, will decrease your tempeture in case it becomes overhigh. And will decrease inflamation, pain of your both body and head.
After 7 to 10 days that flu will disappear.
And you will feel awesome again! :)
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Leave your comments and questions, I will answer those.
Kind regards,
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