Bacterial resistance

Bacterial resistance.

What does bacterial resistance mean? It means there´s no cure today, you could die. You must do the following...

Remeber in my previous post I got a flu and my doctor gave me "paracetamol"?

Well this is why. There is a big concern not only by human´s patients but for animals that human consume.

How does it work?

    Well, I will give you an example;

   The bactery gets resistance against any antibiotic when it gets expose to it unproperly.

Let us say we got a flu, we go to our family doctor and she tells us to rest, drink water and consum vitamin C. Of course whether we have either pain or high fever would recommend us "paracetamol" because It is less harmful than ibuprofen, for ex.

But, let us say our doctor is "negligent" and wish to satisfy the need of feeling cared and protected of an special patient.

In this other case, the doctor recommeds amoxiciline with clavulanic acid. Then, our patient that only had a virus infection got exposed to this antibiotic. Some bacteries that did not caused any infection got exposed to this antibiotic, then this bacteria will remember the antibiotic in the future, will keep the secret for later. One year later the person got a bacterial disease, this bacteria will recognise the ATB given before, and will creat a self-defence to it (well It was created even before this time)

Then, the person get multiresistant bacteries provoking death in most cases"because there is no antibiotics for such bacteries, yet in the market" The person just dies because the bactery is resistant to all the ATB´s known and used.

This is a worldwide medicine commission issue to be resolved"

   There are other big issues, for example, cows, the EU parlament is working very hard to control ATB of all the caw that are to be consume in the market. Still there is no clear solution for this worldwide.

(see the world health organisation statement here:

The cows to be consume, do receive these ATB´s because businessmen want warrantees that all the investmet will give their fruits in the future once they put the cow into market. If the cow gets sick before getting sell, that is a terrible lost of money, so they choose their business instead of the health of all consumers.

This is a problem, because the cow we eat with all those "unnecessaries ATB´s" will pass to our body system acquiring the mentioned bacterial resistance once we consume the cow´s meat.

Do not take ATB´s by own criteria, do not medicate yourself with antibiotics.

Remember, that less sometimes is more, and as I said in the previous post, viral infection has no cure but prevention.
Trust your physician but if don´t go to another. Always is good a second opinion.

Wish the best and take care!

Any question please state is bellow I will answer!


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