Causes for infarts - Hypertension

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Arterial hypertension, the silent killer.
Might cause different types of infarts.
Hypertension is well known as the pre-condition for many types of arteriopathies (when your arteries are sick)
Each person might have a standard arterial tension, however, in medicine, there are some international rates of what is normal, low and high blood tension.
We will discuss here what is high or hyper arterial tension.
According to the medical books, the law of Laplace explains what arterial tension is:

This law means that the higher is the radii the tension decrease and the lower the radii become, the arterial tension will increase.

So, when would we have hyper tension?
According to Laplace law,
It does mean when the diameter of our arteries decrease due to many fators like hyper cholesterolemia: The bad colesterol attaches to the wall of the arteries and that makes more narrow the wall of the arteries. Increasing the danger of the ropture of one for a clotage, and that means infart.
Moreover, the fluids also might increase the blood tension, how?
According to the Poiseuille law:
the viscosity of a fluid could make the blood heavier and increase blood tension.
A blood test is a must, you need to know whether you have high triglicerids and cholesterol, because cholesterol make the wall of the arteries more narrow and harder so blood tension increases.
   A silent killer could be the high cholesterol call VLDL (VERY LOW DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN) or LDL (LOW DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN) the HDL is the good cholesterol (VERY HIGH DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN)
Why is it a silent killer? Because It could provoke all type of infarts and even the death. unnoticedly
The parameters of an adult are:
120/80 Normal
140/90 pre-hypertension: It is multi-factorial and depends on many factors, exercise and diet could revert it.
140> diastolic and 90> sistolic is called arterial hypertension and must be treated by a professional psysician and meds.
Diet: No saturated fat. A nutritionist might help a lot here.
Exercise: No less 45´ 3 times a week. The more the better.
Maybe your doctor can give you statines for high cholesterol and fibrates for hypertriglicemy. After a blood test.
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