Diabetes - The unnoticed killer

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Diabetes is the unnoticed killer, because you might have any symptom and have diabetes type II. What does diabetes medically mean?
The diabetes I am about to speak is type II adquired mostly for obesity or overweight. It can be insuline dependent or not.
This diabetes is silence... you might not notice you have it, however, there are some symptoms which are listed so:
Polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia. In medicine your doctor will ask you for these 3 and more symptoms that are indicators of diabetes type II. The fact you might need or not insuline depends on your pancreas health condition and blood test.
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Polydipsia: Is the excessive need for drinking water, over 3 liters of water a day and continuing thirsty
Polyuria: Means you need to pee very often with big quantity of diuresis (urine) many times a day.
polyphagia: You have the need of eating many times a day but with big quantity of food and still keep hungry.
The diabetes can cause death if it is not properly treated by a professional physician.
The overwheight causes that the pancreas starts failing and cannot release insuline which is an hormone that regulate appetit and provide energy to our bodies, because thanks the insuline our body can absorbe the glucose in blood wich is needed by all the metabolical process not only energy, have in mind our brain uses the 20% of all the calories we take in a day. It is very important to have insuline which is secretated by the pancreas.
Most doctors would iniciate with metformin it help to reactive the beta receptors of the pancreas, but without a proper nutrition it cannot be achieve. Also, exercising is a must to solve the problem.
The best is to go to a nutritionist, ask for a proper diete. It does not mean eating less because not all you eat have nutrients, you can eat a lot but all that go to fat in your body because your body needs different types of nutrients in a proper measure, whether you exceed the quantity or decrease the nutrients, there you will get fat.
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The diabetes could cause serious problems, like ketoacidosis, which is the excess of ketones in your blood wich decrease your pH and that is dangerous, therefore, you could become from a comma till death whether you don´t receive quickly medical attention.
Furthermore, It can kill other organs until slowly you can enter into a comma and die all the way around too.
Diabetes has in most cases no symptoms, but you cannot live without a pancreas, liver and glucose, that´s why it is a silence and deathful disease that happily can become reverted.
You could revert your diabetes whether it has damage your pancreas you might need shot of insuline, and also, you could get the pills called metformin and other drugs.
I recommend you the following:
1º Go to the doctor and nutritionist.
2º Do exercise everyday (no less than 45´a day)
3º Eat more nutrients, proper quantity and several times a day (small portions but many times a day)
Have more questions?
I can answer those for you!
Kind regards,
Clases Medicina Gaston

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