NASH: Very common silent disease


A silent disease that might be killing other organs unnoticedly.
NASH: Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis is in other words a disease by excess of fat in your liver, that excess of fat can cause many dieases to your liver like pain in the right upper part of your belly, general body tireness, muscle weakness, and more importantly the liver has plenty of different functions like cleaning the blood from toxins, immunity, it is a factory for many proteins and hormones, as much as many metabolical process occur in the liver. The liver is a really important machine necessary for our lives.

 How to revert a NASH: Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.
   This is much more serious than a simple fatty liver. NASH means you have inflammation in your liver. You may also have damage to your liver cells.

Maybe your liver is suffering unnotincedly, with no sympsons, overweight does not mean obese, there are two types of NASH, genetics and adquired.

Genetic: It means you might be not obese but have the disease. You might need medications for lifetime.
Otherwise, whether you have adquired NASH, you might improve your diete with a proper nutrition, both cases you will need parallelly with meds these 2.

Exercise and nutrition.
Tell me what you eat and I will tell you how long will you live.
In my previous posts, I explained different pathologies like diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, pancreas damage, which can deliver new disease like diabetic, arteriopathy, cardiopathies, infarcts, cirrhosis, liver cancer.

 Speaking about NASH, the cure is to decrease fat cells in the liver, exercise no less 45´ per day 3 days or more per week plus a proper diet with fat-free and no excess food will with time decrease fat cells in your liver. No alcohol is a must as well.

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