"I am going to die"

What does it mean when a patient feels "I am going to die" in medicine?
Sometimes your heart beat increases and you have the perception that your heart is going to get out of your body, right?
Also, you feel how your heart-beat increases that you might think It is going to splod! As well, your breathing is getting quicker and you feel that have no oxygen, no matter how often you breath, you feel you cannot breath anymore!
Just do not worry, all those are symptoms known as "panic attack" and those symptoms are produced by the axiety.
Axiety is not harmless though, but a pathological one, can produce the increase of both breathing and hear-beat rate. As you breath quicker than normal, you enter into a respiratory alkalosys (meaning that more oxygen comes in that C02 comes out) that´s why It is normal that people used to say; Use a bag on your mouth and breath in in and out with it attach to your mouth, that way, you increase the C02 and the respiratory Ph get balanced again.
Also, you might heard, chill out buddy, because that way your heart-beat decrease too. And end of the story.
However, whether this is the case (panic attacks) you must worry about side-effects of it, the pathological axiety can affet you and very much indeed at long term.
How come?
The body will start to get the impact in other organs, you could develop many types of alergies, specially the atypical one, in the skin, or even asma, because your body starts attacking your inmune system.
The increase of heart-beat rate also might affect your blood tension, getting hypertension, in time.
Many organs might get affected too, the stress must be realise and other organs get the impart of it.
What to do?
Exorcise! Realise your axiete spending anergy at a positive way!
Stop worrying, see more bright side of everything, and the negative one!
Go to a psychologist! They can help you to get right on track!
Eat healthy! Worrying makes you eat more and unhealthy food.
Do your hobby the best friend, choose activities to realise energy with something you like to do!
And after all and no less important! Be happy! You will die sooner or later, why worrying about that? You will live worrying until you die? That make no sense! Be happy, live your life! And your health will follow you!
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